Mermaid Decor Cushion Pillow Cover 15.75″ ×1575″ Pillowcase, Child DIY Write and draw, Creative Christmas Gift (Blue+ Sliver)

Rate: $8.99 - $6.95

Size: 40 cm *40 cm/16 *16″
Front: Reversible Sequins
Back: Cotton+ polyester

Package: 1 pc pillow case. Pillow not consist of

Note: It is suggested to turn over the pillow and hand wash.

★ Mermaid scales smooth texture, overflow from your fingers, cannot speech appeal.
★ When you move your fingers throughout the Magic Mermaid, the reversible sequins turn colors permitting you to develop cool styles, monograms and other shapes.
★ When you wish to remove your style, just move your turn over the sequins in the opposite instructions. It’s like a shimmery Great Doodle for your sofa.
★ In your extra time, bring your mermaid pillow, inside your home, outdoors, the yard, the journey, the automobile, provide complete play to your creativity, draw any pattern you want.In the pillowcase to compose or draw the most lovely text and graphics, provide your preferred individuals. Will be the most romantic minute.
Give complete play to your creativity by composing or drawing any patterns you want.Give your sweetheart and kids the very best present.
This is an enjoyable item for a lot of teenagers or kids or young people or enjoyable older ones. This is an excellent sensory product for people with autism!
Colorful reversible sequins with your pillow, ideal couch and bed design, extremely beautifull.
Material: The front has reversible sequin and the back has Satin cover.Size: 16 × 16″(40 cm × 40 cm). This is simply a pillowcase, no fill cotton.