Christmas Cake Chateau

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The Christmas Cake Chateau is a 33,000 word, light– hearted love embeded in Scotland. The paperback variation consists of 11 flower– themed colouring pages at the end of the book. De-ann Black is the author and illustrator.

Lucy is a colouring book artist who goes to a stunning little home on the estate of a stunning chateau in Scotland to obtain far from the city to complete her newest book, however there is shooting going on at the chateau and this screws up her prepare for a peaceful working vacation.

Struan is the good-looking owner of the hotel, referred to as the Christmas Cake Chateau, and includes Lucy in the light– hearted mayhem. Lucy simply wishes to deal with her flower illustrations for the book, however Struan and others end up being an appealing interruption.

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About the Author:

De-ann Black is a successful author, scriptwriter and previous paper reporter. She has more than 50 books released. Love, criminal offense thrillers, espionage books, action experience. And kids’s books (non-fiction brain surgery books and kids’s fiction).

She formerly worked as a full-time paper reporter for a number of years. She had her own weekly columns in journalism. This consisted of being a car reporter where she got to check drive automobiles each week for journalism for 3 years.

Before being asked to work for journalism, De-ann operated in publication editorial composing whatever from style functions to social news. She was the marketing editor of a shiny publication. She is likewise an expert artist and illustrator. Material style, dressmaking, sewing, knitting and style become part of her work.

Additionally, De-ann has actually constantly had an interest in physical fitness, and was a physical fitness and bodybuilding champ, 100 metre runner and mountaineer. As a previous N.A.B.B.A. Miss Scotland, she had a weekly physical fitness program on the radio that ran for over 3 years.

De-ann trained in Shukokai karate, boxing, kickboxing, Dayan Qigong and Jiu Jitsu. She is presently based in Scotland.

Her colouring books are readily available in paperback. Discover more at: