Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Miniature Collection 4 Piece Mini Gift …

Cost: $49.74

The renowned Big Pony golf shirt, with its vibrant colors and extra-large Polo Player logo design, influenced a brand-new group of scents. This collection continues the Ralph Lauren custom of redefining American design while bringing option and modernity to a brand-new generation of ladies.

Product Description
Collection of Ralph Lauren Fragrances
Launched by the style home of Ralph Lauren. This range set consists of popular scents by Polo Big Pony. These womanly scents have a mix of fragrant and fresh notes.
Gift Set Includes:
Big Pony # 1 Eau De Toilette (0.5 oz)
Big Pony # 2 Eau De Toilette (0.5 oz)
Big Pony # 3 Eau De Toilette (0.5 oz)
Big Pony # 4 Eau De Toilette (0.5 oz)
Store in a cool, dry location.

Please Note:
This is a mini, a little sized product, compared with routine size fragrances. Some minis might even be thought about sample size.
Perfume minis allow you to own a range of fragrances at affordable expenses, compared with a complete size fragrance bottle.
They are simple to bring in your bag or shaving set. They are excellent for taking a trip, work or as a low-cost method to check out a brand-new scent.