Test Your Fancy Nancy Trivia

Do you understand Fancy Nancy? Well, if you are a 4 to 6 years of age woman, you certainly understand who she is. Nancy, the innovative sparkle of author Jane O’Connor, is a girl who likes whatever fancy. The initial story book in the series, appropriately entitled “Fancy Nancy” spins the tale of Nancy, a pint-sized curly-auburn haired woman who likes to speak utilizing expensive French words, gowns in expensive clothes, and likes practically any else that is expensive. Even Nancy’s preferred doll is tres expensive – her doll’s name, Marabelle, is brief for Marabelle Lavinia Chandelier. The rest of Nancy’s household is really plain. Nancy even presumes regarding provide her household lessons on the distinctions in between expensive and plain. Glasses … plain, sunglasses … expensive! Nancy’s signature clothes is a cow print leotard coupled with a poodle skirt, fairy wings, cat-eye sunglasses, leg warmers, ballet slippers and a tiara. The whimsical and distinct illustrations, by Robin Preiss Glasser, contribute to the wonderful nature of these books.

In subsequent image books in the Fancy Nancy series, consisting of “Bonjour Butterfly”, the “Posh Puppy” and “Explorer Extraordinaire”, you satisfy Nancy’s pet Frenchy and her friend Bree.

Jane O’Connor’s motivation for all her books,, consisting of the Fancy Nancy series, originates from her own life experiences, or those of her household. Every Sunday afternoon, when Jane had to do with 4 or 5 years of ages, her granny and excellent aunties would pertain to check out Jane and her household. “As quickly as I heard the doorbell ring,” Jane states, “I would race to my space, dive in my pink tutu, cover a satin red cape around me, and come galoomphing out to welcome my visitors in a set of my mommy’s high heels. I wasn’t a girlie-girl, however I felt it was essential to look expensive for business.” O’Connor was Fancy Jane long prior to she composed Fancy Nancy.
What does being expensive mean to Nancy? It indicates frilly toothpicks in sandwiches, consuming with your pinkies up, lace cut socks while playing soccer, and diy canopies over her bed.

Jane O’Connor’s Fancy Nancy hysteria has actually progressed into a growing series of image books, I can check out books, in addition to Fancy Nancy presents and product such as dolls, doll clothing, puzzles, video games, birthday celebration products, bed room devices and obviously Fancy Nancy dress up clothing for little ladies. You can discover a Fancy Nancy present for all celebrations.

Check out our Fancy Nancy Trivia to see what does it cost? you learn about this impressive little woman:

A. What word is composed on the pillow that rests on Nancy’s bed?
B. Exactly what is Nancy’s preferred color?
C. Exactly what is the name of the dining establishment where Nancy and her household head out to consume?
D. What’s the name of Nancy’s friend?
E. Exactly what is the complete name of Nancy’s doll? (tip: We discussed it above)
F. Who are Nancy’s next door next-door neighbors (on each side of her home)?
G. Exactly what does Nancy believe she will be when she matures?
H. Exactly what is the name of Mrs. DeVine’s pet?
I. What type is Nancy’s pet?
J. Exactly what is Nancy’s instructor’s name?
K. Exactly what is Nancy’s middle name?
L. Exactly what is Nancy’s surname?
M. Exactly what is Nancy’s pet’s name?
N. Exactly what does she utilize to hold up her bed canopy?
O. Exactly what is the name of Fancy Nancy’s sis?
P. Exactly what was Mrs DeVine’s occupation?
Q. What type is Mrs. DeVine’s pet?
R. In what city did Mrs. DeVine live as a kid?
S. Exactly what is Nancy’s babysitter’s name?

Answers: A: Sublime; B: Fuchsia; C: The King’s Crown; D: Bree; E: Marabelle Lavinia Chandelier; F: Bree (her friend) and Mrs. DeVine; G: A lepidopterist (that’s an expensive word for a researcher who studies butterflies); H: Jewel; I: La Salle spaniel; J: Ms. Glass; K: She does not have a middle name; L: Clancy (yes … that makes her Fancy Nancy Clancy!); M: Frenchy; N: A broom and a mop; O. JoJo; P. Beauty care specialist (she operated at a hairdresser); Q: Papillion; R: Hollywood; S. Alex

O’Connor quotes excerpted from her interview with National Public Radio