Present Basket Drop Shipping BeBa Bella Baby , Baby Girl Gift Bas …

Cost: $117 - $89.9

Both the brand-new mommy and infant lady will be pleased to get this ultra-fabulous variety of presents!. This sensational present basket is filled with soft cuddly presents, quite elegant girly presents, and indulging day spa products for mommy

Baby Gifts

  • Silk Flower and Grosgrain Headband
  • A Super Soft and Fluffy Cuddle Bunny with Sherpa Fur, Soft Plush & Silky Satin Trim
  • Soft Baby Blankie Trimmed In Satin
  • Tres Jolie Chiffon Ruffle Hat (so adorable!)

Mommy Gifts

  • Serenity Eye Mask
  • Golden Magnolia Skin Silkening Shower Gel

– SKU: GBSDS0572