H20 Wireless $60(Email Delivery)

Cost: $60

H2O Wireless $60(Email Delivery):

Product Features:

  • With H2O Wireless, there are no strings connected when utilizing ANY of our services, and NEVER any covert charges. Select the strategy and service that works for you, and remain for as long or as little as you like. Pay beforehand for just the services you require. No regular monthly costs or surprises. When the cycle ends, you can charge to continue utilizing our service.
  • Access your account balance, payment date, expiration date, and a lot more with My Account. Visit to H2OWirelessNow.com/ account.
  • H2O Wireless includes a wide variety of budget plan friendly strategies, best for those wishing to conserve loan on their cordless requirements. With Pay-As-You-Go, Monthly Unlimited, and Family Plans, the possibilities for cost savings are unlimited.
  • You can keep your old telephone number with H2O Wireless. It’s simple to do online atᅡᆲ H2OWirelessNow.com/ transferᅡᆲ or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-643-4926
  • With active H2O Wireless service, dial as you would to make other global call from your cordless phone. 0-1-1 + Country code + Phone Number.
  • If you have any problems, dial 1-213-808-6199 from your cordless phone and follow the triggers.
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