50 Channel, 36 Mile Two-Way Radio

Rate: $94.96

2 Two-Way Radios with 36 Mile Range With 50 channels, this NOAA weather condition alert walkie-talkie provides you optimal output power with Xtreme Range Technology NOAA Weather Alert Radio with Weather Scan Make direct calls to other individuals in your group Whisper mode permits you to speak silently and still be heard Silent operation switches off all alert ones SOS siren permits you to send call for help in an emergency scenario 10 various call tones Frequency: FRS/GMRSNumber of Channels: 50 Privacy Codes: 285 Range: approximately 36 miles Number Radios Included: 2 Waterproof: JIS4 Channel Scan Hands complimentary operation (9 levels) Backlit LCD show Vibrate alert Keypad Lock High/medium/low power settings Keystroke tones Roger beep Microphone and earphone jacks Drop-in battery charger capable Battery life extender Package Includes: 2 radios, belt clips, set of headsets, rechargeable battery packs, desktop battery charger, A/C adapter, DC adapter, and handbook.