Cybrtrayd ‘Happy Holidays Lolly’ Christmas Chocolate Candy Mold w.

Rate: $9.89

  • Because clear plastic molds scratch quickly and gather dust, Cybrtrayd’s molds are packaged in sealed, protective, tidy poly bags
  • 3 cavities, measurements per cavity: 3″ DIAMETER x 3/8″ THICK
  • Bundle includes 50 paper lollipop sticks, 4.5″, plus our unique 40 page, full-color Chocolatier’s Guide: melting, molding, embellishing and filling chocolate
  • Cybrtrayd mold is made in USA from FDA-approved PETG Plastic; For usage with chocolate, plaster, butter, and soap. Not ideal for difficult sweet and is not dishwashing machine safe.
  • Lollipop sticks are made in USA of the finest specialized grade white paper. Chlorine totally free. FDA licensed for direct food contact