ProExl Copper Link Magnetic Bracelet for Men Taranto Gift Box

Cost: $25.95

These stunning Copper link Bracelets are called after their Italian heritage of Design and Style. Our ProExl 8.5″ Copper Magnetic Bracelets are made from Lead Free and Nickel Free White Metal Base with a quality Copper Finish and approximately 3000 gauss Magnet in each possible link, The length can quickly be changed with basic Watch Band Push Pin elimination tool. Copper is utilized in the treatment of whatever from swelling to aching joints, and copper bracelets assist us harness the recovery power of copper. Care: Do not utilize a magnetic bracelet if you use a pacemaker or electrical implants of any kind, or dislike metal. Product: 14 Neodymium Magnets and Copper Enclosure: Clasp Finish: pure copper Size: 8.5″ L (when laid flat) Surface Gauss: Approx 3000 gauss (Each Magnet).