Engraved Walnut Coffee Table – Modern Wood Furniture Illustration BOHO Mid Century Eames Style

Engraved Walnut Coffee Table – Modern Wood Furniture Illustration BOHO Mid Century Eames Style

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This beautiful and incredibly detailed engraved hardwood coffee table is made from gorgeous, Grade-A walnut. The tessellated artwork design is burnt into the surface of the wood. The walnut legs are turned by hand for a classic mid-century modern tapered style. The legs screw into metal plates underneath the table top for convenience of storing/moving. The tabletop is slightly thinner at 7/8" (22mm) instead of a standard 1" (25mm) to add to the streamlined look of this airy modern design. Because all the strips of wood are jointed together rather than simply glued side-to-side this slightly thinner top is actually stronger than a standard top. The finish is a craftsman style rubbed oil finish for a natural satin look and non-yellowing clarity with synthetic elements for enhanced protection. This finish won't get water rings easily like other tables might – more details on connections and finish below.

DIMENSIONS; Height: 36" wide, 18" deep, 16" tall. (90cm wide, 45cm deep, 40.5cm tall)

Not all tables are created equal! There's many opportunities for short cuts that can reduce the lifespan or enjoyment of a product you might purchase. We're transparent about how our tables are built:

CONNECTIONS: On our tables you'll never find an non-reinforced joint. We always use dowels, tongue and groove or mortise and tenon joints on all wood to wood connections.

FINISH: This is the easiest way to get shortchanged without knowing it when buying furniture. We're so committed to a good finish we make our own from scratch, its a multistage hybrid finish mixed from natural oils and given a synthetic buff. This finish will not get white water rings easily like water born finishes will. The first stage seeps inside the wood grain sealing it to prevent absorption by capillary action. We use natural teak oil as a base for a hand rubbed craftsman style satin finish which showcases the wood grain and feels smooth and natural to the touch. The synthetic component we add offers a higher degree of protection than natural oils do alone without looking at all plastic.

Maintenance: Unlike full synthetic finishes which encase the wood in plastic from touch and create a reflective glossy glare that must be stripped with harsh chemicals or abrasives to refinish our living finish is easy to touch up in the event of damage. You can simply apply natural teak oil or "Restore-a-Finish" for a very easy wipe-on and call it done touch up or full refinishing.

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SHIPPING: This item ships in a custom manufactured box that is double-thick corrugated to get to you safely. We try to maintain stock but if built to order it takes 1-7 days to make this table. From there it's and average of two weeks for delivery time but we can arrange an express delivery for you as well which is generally 4-7 days at a higher shipping cost. These shipping time estimates are averages, occasionally inclement weather and customs inspections might happen at random and add some time to the delivery which is beyond our control. Finally, while its very rare due to the way we fill out the forms in the event that a customs duty is imposed as per standard practice it is the purchaser's responsibility to pay the fee. International shipping fees from Thailand are basically a flat rate per kilogram so there are no multi-item discounts for larger furniture items although multiple item discounts are available for small items and will be applied automatically when added to the cart.

RETURNS: We stand by our work. In the event of a manufacturer defect upon arrival we will update components, replace the work if needed etc. Due to the high costs involved unfortunately we cannot allow returns based on personal preferences. If you have any special concerns please contact us and we'd be happy talk over any details with you.

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