WOODLAND NATURAL FOREST Blocks, forest tree branch toy, educational building blocks, natural wood toy, tree branch building blocks, eco toys

WOODLAND NATURAL FOREST Blocks, forest tree branch toy, educational building blocks, natural wood toy, tree branch building blocks, eco toys

ITEM: 36 piece 'WOODLAND NATURAL FOREST Blocks, forest tree branch toy, educational building blocks, natural wood toy, tree branch building blocks, eco toys'

NOTE: Listing images are stock photos only. You will receive product of same features as displayed in images, inclusive of all product inclusions as listed in description. Size may slightly differ. Difference will be +/- 0.5cm / ¼ inch. Blocks will differ in grain patterns, knots, and colour as is typical of tree growth.

Fruit tree wood is currently unavailable. Due to festive season demand, all blocks will be made from DEBARKED (without bark) Australian Eucalyptus Gum tree. All shapes, as displayed will remain the same.

Product is Made To Order.

Shipping within 7 – 10 business days after receipt of payment. Scheduled shipping days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Offering a more refined version of the traditional 'saw a log in half, and call it a building block', we have carefully considered and worked out several different ways to cut a log that provides the greatest open ended play sessions, whilst also providing natural woodland forest blocks for your little ones to safely play.

Unlike full barked logs, our blocks have been cleaned and sanitised, leaving the logs with a pleasing and inviting appearance.

We choose to leave the logs in their purest form, the closest to which nature has offered without compromising on safety, therefore, rather than unnecessarily removing all of nature's provisions, we will smooth, sand, and make sure that all sharp /rough edges are neatly trimmed, perfectly smooth, and ready for use straight out the box.

Having owned multiple large childcare services for 10+ years, it has been our observation that children prefer to play with natural woods of which have had minimal interference…this means that we leave the wood in the truest form possible.

Although all our natural wooden toys undergo strict and stringent processing, they remain the safest, whilst also being the closest to that of which nature intended. As the logs are a natural resource, some logs (not all) may present with all the differences that nature provides: wood knots, some superficial cracking, and critter marks in some pieces. But don't worry, the critters have been removed and provided new homes!

As each log is made from Australian Eucalyptus Gum and fruit (plum tree) wood, each complete set is quite heavy. All surfaces have been sealed with a beeswax and oil child safe wood conditioner. In addition to the smoothness of finish, the pieces when placed together make a sound of old style blocks–musical. When clinked together, you know you have real, all natural forest wood.

In addition to your 36 piece set, you will have the option to add a generous sized cotton drawstring stowaway bag. Each bag comes complete with colour emblem and 'Woodland Little Beaver' motif. You can choose to add a bag at time of checkout, direct from the dropdown list.

As the Woodland Forest Blocks contain small pieces which are considered a choking hazard, recommended age is 3+ years.

Please refer below to product particulars.

NAME: Forest Logs
MODE: Handmade / Machined
QUANTITY: 36x woodland forest blocks, 1x printed drawstring stowaway bag. [bag, optional purchase inclusion].



WOOD: Australian Eucalyptus Gum / Plum Wood

FINISH: Beeswax and mineral oil wood conditioner


MEASUREMENTS: Average Overall[centimetres / inches]





TALLEST COLUMN: 11.5 / 4 ½



A little about our natural wood harvesting process:

We harvest our natural wood from our own property, and that of our neighbours.

We do not, under any circumstances harvest from living (or partially fallen and still living) trees. We harvest from windfall, storm damaged, seasonal trim and dead trees only.

We do not harvest illegally (as many do here in Australia), this includes collecting from protected national & state parks, forestry, or water way easement lines.

We only collect wood that is in plentiful supply, and which is sustainable. We do not engage in practices of deception in regard to our harvesting methods, nor do we collect on a domestic firewood permit, to then on-sell commercially.

All natural wood elements are checked with appropriate indicators (meters) to ensure integrity of each piece prior to use.


NOTE: The combined total weight of the Woodland Natural Forest Logs is quite heavy. We only charge shipping at the actual amount we are charged. For our international customers…yes, we understand that shipping is expensive, however, please, we ask for your understanding in that you will be purchasing a unique OOAK item that cannot be copied. By bombarding us with unnecessary shipping enquiries to which are seeking shipping cost reductions, you are only set to frustrate both yourself as a customer, and us as a seller. Thanks.
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