DIY Microgreens Maggie's BESTSELLERS Seed Kit Indoor Garden – Organic Vegan Gourmet Microgreens Seeds in Reusable Tin Gift Box

DIY Microgreens Maggie's BESTSELLERS Seed Kit Indoor Garden – Organic Vegan Gourmet Microgreens Seeds in Reusable Tin Gift Box

/DIY Microgreens Seed Kit Indoor Garden – Organic Microgreens Seeds in Reusable Tin Gift Box – Maggie's BESTSELLERS Seed Assortment – gift for gardeners, gourmet cooks – gift for men, women and children/

A great way to jump-start a indoor garden of fresh microgreens! This is a set of my 6 bestselling types of certified organic microgreens seeds, in 6 small airtight tins within a larger hinged-lid tin windowed gift box, along with super-easy growing instructions.

It's a great gourmet gift for beginning or experienced gardeners, or a fun project set for kids. My customers agree, these Bestselling seeds are the easiest and fastest to grow, and the tastiest!

->>The outer gift tin box measures 4-1/4" long by 2-3/4" wide by 1-1/2" deep. (Trouble visualizing? I'm holding one in my hands in the second photo.)

I include one half-ounce / 8mL of seeds in each tin, enough to successfully raise 2 to 3 generous crops of each type in a teacup or pocket garden – whether one of my DIY planter kits, or teacup-sized planters of your own. This amounts to 4 to 6 months of fresh greens!

All my seeds are USDA-certified organic, GMO-free seeds produced specifically for microgreen growing – meaning, they are not treated with fungicides or fertilizers as conventional garden seeds often are.

My current "Maggie's Bestsellers" assortment in this kit includes these 6 seed varieties:

Arugula – Salad Rocket
Chia – Salva hispanica
Clover – Red Sprouting
Chard – Ruby Red
Mustard Greens – Oriental Spicy
Radish – China Rose

I also offer a Paleo diet seed assortment, here:

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Already have a gift tin set? The lightproof, airtight tins in this kit are ideal for seed storage and infinitely reusable. You can refill your kit here:

Shipping Options

> I ship seeds to any US or Canadian address via USPS First Class mail.

> USA delivery time 3-4 business days; delivery to Canada 10-14 business days.

> If you need your seeds in a hurry, I offer a Priority shipping upgrade at checkout.

> Sorry, I can't ship seeds outside the US and Canada, due to international import restrictions on agricultural products.

About Microgreens

Microgreens are vegetable, herb and grain seedlings harvested beyond the sprout stage, but before the baby greens stage of growth. Microgreens are more nutritious than sprouts, and even tastier than baby greens!

Anyone can grow microgreens, anywhere there's a little sunshine, any time of year. Requiring only a week or two from the time you plant to the time you harvest, microgreens provide instant gratification for busy people, and can be a fascinating project for children.

Each seedling you cut will taste amazingly like its grown-up counterpart: radish microgreens are spicy like a radish, amaranth microgreens taste like an earthy grain, and broccoli microgreens taste like, well, broccoli!

Microgreens can be used in any recipe that calls for sprouts: they're super in salads, stir-fries and sandwiches, for starters. Toss a handful into smoothies … fold some into an omelette!

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